Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting Started With Project Payday

Getting started with Project Payday is very simple and more importantly,, it is FREE. That is one of the biggest reasons I ended up trying it. First you have to go to a sign up page. I have included several links on my blog or SIGN UP FOR PROJECT PAYDAY HERE.
Once your in the Project Payday sign up page you can create your FREE account. All you have to do to get the free Project Payday account is fill in three basic fields. These fields are a Name, an Email, and a Password. A golden rule I always like to follow is to have or create a temporary email address that way you don't get bombarded with spam. Real name is always optional as well, and for the password well I never use my usual password. What I did is I used a fake name and email at first and checked out the information about Project Payday. Once I saw that it was a legit program, I used my real name and email for Project Payday and I can tell you that I do not get attacked with spam, but ultimately its up to you.

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