Monday, September 8, 2008

What is Project Payday?

What is Project Payday? So you want to know more about Project Payday. More importantly you want to know if Project Payday is a scam or not. I am sure you have seen a bunch of Work from Home and Get Rich Schemes and you just want to make sure you don't get scammed.

Well so far your doing the right thing. I am sure you found my blog "What is Project Payday" by Googling it. Which is the first thing I did when I found out about Project Payday. That's the great thing about the web. There is so much information out there especially about scams and how to avoid them. People are tired of get rich quick schemes or scams and just want something that works. Is there such a thing? Fortunately for us there is. The problem is that some of these schemes are getting harder to distinguish. So you have to do your research and Google is your best friend for that. So I am glad you found this blog. If you could do that, then you can easily do Project Payday, and I promise I will explain the details about Project Payday so that you are well informed.

When I first found out about Project Payday I was actually working on my Myspace page. I have to admit that as soon as I saw the Project Payday site I instantly thought "SCAM", but I decided to keep reading just to entertain myself for while. As I was reading I kept thinking to myself how well done the site was actually made. It was very "low pressure" and "honest" it didn't promise me I was going to get rich doing it. It just stated that it is an easy "Realistic Way to Make Extra Income Online" for the "Average Joe". Well that's me I am an Average Joe or like Sarah Palin likes to call me "Joe Six Pack". lol. Anyways I knew very little about making money online, but was interested in learning how to make some extra income online to help me especially now with the way the economy is going. I just didn't know how or who to trust. All I have ever seen before in regards to making money online are programs that have you complete hundreds surveys that only pay you penny's (complete waste of time) and get rich quick scams that cost $100's just to get started and are completely unrealistic. I don't know who would ever fall for that stuff. Project Payday is Different it isn't a survey and it isn't going to make me rich. I liked that honesty it sounded "real". So I thought maybe we are on to something here. The other thing I really liked about Project Payday were the videos. The Project Payday site had plenty of Testimonial videos that looked and felt authentic.

So What is Project Payday? Well let me start by saying what it is not. Here is what Project Payday is Not.

It is NOT pestering people with email SPAM.

It is NOT one of those old "stuffing envelopes" scams.

It is NOT a "home typist" or "data entry" program.

It is NOT about risking money on Google Adwords.

It is NOT about getting paid to take surveys.

It is NOT about referring people back to this website.

It is NOT Network Marketing or MLM.

It is NOT a "HYIP" investment scam.

It is NOT a pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

It is NOT an illegal chain letter.

It is NOT making or returning phone calls.

It is NOT selling personalized children's books.

It is NOT selling suspicious low-quality vitamins.

It is NOT about selling anything for that matter.

It is NOT involved in the adult industry in any way.

It is NOT selling your junk on EBAY.

It is NOT a gambling or lottery system.

It is NOT sending out postcards OR faxes.

Project Payday is a great site that guides you step by step and explains in great detail how to make money online using IFW's (Incentivize Freebie Websites). Basically it shows you sites and forums full of people who are "buyers" and "sellers". However your not really selling anything and your not buying anything either. Lets just say that there are people looking to do a "job" (that would be you at first) and there are people more than willing to pay someone for "doing the job". I can't tell you more with out giving to much away to competitors. The great thing about Project Payday is it shows you how to start making money online step by step the very first day, and once you see the money going directly to your paypal you will be hooked. Let me tell you its a wonderful feeling because at that moment you know its real and when you realize how eazy it is, you just want to keep making more and more money. There is so much information on the site that by the time your ready to do your first trade you will already know the termanology "Going Green". Plus there are great people on there like myself who are mentors and are willing to bend over backwards to help you make money because if you make money they make money. That is as much as I am aloud to say.

All you have to do at this point is click on the video below it will take you to the Project Payday site under my refferal link. If you haven't read it before then read it. Watch the videos and then put a name and email address so you can get to the next step. It doesn't cost you a penny to do that and you will not get spam email I promise. You will however be one step closer to what you are looking to do, "Make Real Money Online Today". If you were looking to find out what stay at home moms are doing to make extra income online. You found it, its called Project Payday and if they can do it and I can do it why can't you. I hope that answers your questions on What is Project Payday?
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